Why Choose Us

The Best in Greenhouse Design

We build our greenhouses for different purposes with equal focus on elegant design and sturdy construction.

Commercial & Medical Cannabis Greenhouses

We combine the advantages of growing cannabis plants outdoors with the advantages and high levels of success with indoor growing and sturdy construction.

Leaders in Quality

We address a multitude of applications with expert advice and solid, dependable greenhouses. We’ll process all the engineering permits on your behalf!

Work In A Budget

Northerns Greens offers the best price in the market. We help you build your greenhouse in a budget!

About Notherns Greens

Northerns Greens is a leading manufacturer in the field of commercial and production greenhouses. We offer a wide selection of greenhouses including greenhouses for medical cannabis growth, with the advice of our team of certified experts that are dedicated to get you the finest greenhouses money can buy

Our Services

Greenhouse Building

Whether you have a farming business or you want to start growing your own plants, our group of experts know every inch of the design and will build it exactly to specifications to ensure nothing can go wrong!

Medical Cannabis Greenhouse Building

Our experts help growers build all the elements for their cannabis greenhouse or indoor marijuana grow facility for the best plant growth.

Engineering Permits Processing

Northerns Greens will take care of all the engineering permits needed for your project. Let us do everything for you!

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